Ahmed Rehab Speaks at DePaul University UMMA Event

In order to continue CAIR-Chicago’s strong tradition of engaging the community, Executive Director Ahmed Rehab spoke at an event put on by DePaul University’s Muslim student group, UMMA.  The topic was Muslim Activism.

“Nothing is quite as rewarding,” said Rehab, “As teaching students that they can change their lives. When they know about the pathways to successful activism and the methods necessary to bring ideas into action, they realize the potential they have to make a significant difference in their lives and their communities.

The audience received Rehab’s presentation well, and they engaged in a lively question and answer session.

CAIR-Chicago’s own activism runs deep through it’s organizational history, and because of this Mr. Rehab was well equipped to address DePaul’s students on the subject. CAIR-Chicago runs youth outreach initiatives, get-out-the-vote campaigns, community organization efforts, media watchdog programs and a legal department all in the name of activism on behalf of the Muslim community.

View a photo album of the event HERE