CAIR-Chicago Invited Back to Speak at St. Ignatius Catholic School

CAIR-Chicago Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif and Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson gave a presentation to students at St. Ignatius Catholic school Wednesday, December 1st.

Sharif and Hankerson presented to two social studies classes taught by Peter Corrigan for his unit on world religions. The CAIR-Chicago representatives were invited to discuss Muslims in America and the sociological and theological background of Islam.

Sharif and Hankerson clarified stereotypes of Muslims, and also discussed the diversity of the Muslim population in the U.S.

Finally, to elaborate on the diversity of Muslims, Sharif and Hankerson shared their personal stories of being Muslim, including the differences in even their own experiences.

The students were also quizzed on their basic knowledge of Islam prior to the presentation. Afterward they asked questions in an interactive Q&A session. Hankerson said the students already had some basic knowledge about Islam, but were very interested in learning more about the religion.

“We were surprised by how curious and engaging the students were.  They asked great questions,” said Hankerson.

“These students are the future leaders of our community so it’s wonderful that St. Ignatius is ensuring they receive an open-minded and balanced education,” said Sharif.