Action Alert: Attend Rally to Support Democratic Aspirations in Egypt 1/29/11

Attend Rally to Support Democratic Aspirations in Egypt

Join Egyptian-Americans and human rights activists tomorrow in rallying outside the Egyptian Consulate to support the efforts of pro-democracy activists in Egypt.

WHAT: Pro-Democracy Rally for Egypt and Press Conference

WHEN: Saturday, January 29th, 2:00 P.M.

WHERE: Outside the Egyptian Consulate in Chicago, 500 N Michigan, Chicago, IL 60611

WHO: Egyptian American Society, Muslims United Against Oppression, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago), Mosque Foundation, International Solidarity Movement, Young Arab American Society, the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC), American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), Muslim American Society (MAS)

The Egyptian American Society (EAS) said in a statement yesterday, “For the Egyptian people, the time for change has come; in fact, it is long overdue. The spontaneous public eruptions which have taken place throughout Egypt within the last few days evidence the widespread popular discontent. The sense of ‘enough is enough’ which has for quite some time existed among some intellectuals, who have been part of the opposition, has seeped down to the disenfranchised popular base.”

“We call on the United States to demand government reform and an end to the dictatorship in Egypt,” said Cherif Bassiouni, DePaul Law Professor and President of EAS. “It is time for Egypt to open a new chapter on democracy and freedom based on the rule of law and the equality of all citizens, irrespective of religion, creed, gender or other discriminating factors.”

Ahmed Rehab, EAS Secretary, has gone to Cairo to join the protests and document activities on his blog,

Read his updates from the ground:
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“It is perplexing that in the ensuing confrontation between citizens longing for democracy and iron-fisted dictators clamping down on dissent in the Arab world, the US official policy is to side with the dictators,” said Rehab. “From the perspective of US interests, it is a severely misguided policy that could soon prove its short-sightedness.”

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