Christina Abraham Meets with AAUW to Discuss Women In Islam

CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham presented to the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to discuss women in Islam on Saturday, January 8, 2011.

The AAUW put together the conference at DePaul University in order to achieve more knowledge on the role of women in Islam. The presentation, which drew around thirty audience members, allowed Abraham to bring up present day issues and misconceptions regarding Muslim women.

“Most people do not know the Islamic perspective on women’s role in society,” said Abraham. Abraham spoke out against the misapprehension that was brought up during the presentation. The audience, who were mainly all women, asked multiple questions on Islam and women in other countries besides the United States.

Many questions arose regarding the hijab, or Islamic headscarf, and whether it is a tool of  oppression, and whether Muslim women have personal freedoms and equal rights. Countries brought into questioning were primarily Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran.

“There are many general misinterpretations made by the public,” said Abraham “these social problems attributed to Islam, are in reality rooted in culture and politics,”

Abraham said that it is necessary to understand the Islamic context in any situation and to realize that Islam does not support the oppression of Muslim women, in fact “Islam is revolutionary with regards to rights given to women,” she added.

Christina Abraham and CAIR-Chicago members are always dedicated to educating the public on civil rights and Muslim issues, and also work year-round to resolve incidents of discrimination.