MSNBC, The Ed Show: Ahmed Rehab Discusses the Latest Developments in Egypt

ED SCHULTZ: “Ahmed, Give us a sense of how determined these people are now to see Hosni Mubarak leave. And would they accept the reported negotiation of the vice president, Omar Suleiman, taking over for Mubarak? Do you think that that would disperse the crowd, go home, and wait for the elections? Would they accept that?”

AHMED REHAB: “What I can tell you is that one of the demands of this revolution was change. People want democracy. They want freedom. They want human rights.

“They want transparency in government. And they want an end to the politically corrupt atmosphere that really permeates many levels of government. Not just at the very top, but through all levels.

“As far as Mubarak himself, my personal take on that is that the fact that he‘s going to leave in September satisfies the requests that Mubarak be out of the picture and that we get change. That does not have to happen instantly. The reason I say that is because I got a sense of how many average Egyptians really have a lot of respect for him as an individual, even if they don‘t like him as a politician. He‘s been around for 30 years.

“Egyptians are sentimental people. They‘re also a very proud people. They don‘t want somebody who is a symbol of their country for so long be ousted in a humiliating fashion the way Ben Ali of Tunisia was. And I can respect that.