Red Eye Radio: Speaking with Ahmed Rehab in Cairo

“We can’t have a conversation about whats going on in Egypt and not mention the Muslim Brotherhood.  Are you a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Do you support what the Muslim Brotherhood wants for Egypt? And do you think this is a reasonable concern that Americans have about what could happen if Mubarak falls?” asked Marc Germain.

“I am not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Never have been. Never will be.  I believe the Muslim Brotherhood, and a lot of people here believe the same, are part of the Egyptian fabric.  They are a minority amongst even Muslims here, but they are organized and they are probably amongst the opposition groups with the best grassroots, more than any other groups. So they are a formidable force but they are by no means a force that can dominate the country,” said Ahmed Rehab. “The problem is that they have been repressed in a way that has made them feel victimized.  And I think that this has been a mistake that has helped some elements of them to radicalize in the past. ”

Rehab continued, “I think in order to have a true democracy, all segments of society, including the Muslim Brotherhood, including the left wing socialists, including Copts, who again have been traditionally marginalized in national politics – Copts are the Egyptian Christians- need to be represented.  We need to believe that democracy allows everybody to have a voice.”