Ahmed Rehab Speaks at Purdue University

On March 9, 2011, CAIR-Chicago  Executive Director Ahmed Rehab traveled to Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN to speak about his eye-witness account of the Egyptian Revolution.

Rehab shared his experience from the beginning of the protests in Tahrir Square, to Mubarak’s resignation from office.  Rehab also offered his thoughts on the newly-appointed Prime Minister and 1984 Purdue graduate, Essam Sharaf.

Rehab, who returned from Egypt on March 2, said the experience was life-changing.  He
remained in Egypt after Mubarak’s resignation to support the movement, from its
toppling of an unjust regime to erecting a democracy.  He hoped his reflections at Purdue offered an alternative view of the stereotype against the political systems of the Arab World: that of democracy and transparency rather than common prejudices of oppression and totalitarianism.