Call DuPage County, Support MECCA Mosque

County Development Committee recommends approval for MECCA permit;
Final vote next week


The DuPage County Development Committee (CDC) voted again yesterday to recommend granting a permit to the Muslim Education and Cultural Center of America (MECCA). After the Development Committee’s last recommendation, the Zoning Board presented MECCA with a number of requirements for the mosque to meet. MECCA has complied with these requirements and the DuPage County Board will make a decision next week.

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Last year the County Board rejected a permit for the Irshad Learning Center (ILC) of Naperville. Similarly to MECCA, the ILC had gotten a negative recommendation by the ZBA and a positive recommendation by the CDC. Ultimately the County Board sided with the ZBA and denied the permit. CAIR-Chicago has filed suit against the DuPage County Board and is challenging the denial.

“We hope the DuPage County Board makes the right decision and allows the construction of this mosque to move forward. Now is the time for our community to show their support before the vote next week,” said CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham.


Call the DuPage County Board and show your support for MECCA as well as the other mosques seeking permits: the Islamic Center of the Western Suburbs (ICSW) and the Irshad Learning Center (ILC).

Make your voice heard and make a difference!

Contact the following County Board Members and ask them to vote in favor of these Muslim community centers:

John Curran: (630) 541-7588 –
Paul Fichtner: (630) 251-7883 –
James Healy: (630) 655-6000 –
Robert L. Larsen:
JR McBride: (630) 790-1040 –
Michael F. McMahon: (630) 261-9000
Debra Olson: (630) 221-9593 –
Patrick J. O’Shea: (630) 620-8551
Donald Puchalski: (630) 543 -2320 –
Brien Sheahan: (630) 728-4641 –
James F. Zay, Jr.: (630) 876-8601 –
John Zediker: (630) 697-3062 –

For more information, contact Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif at, 630-935-5562