CAIR-Chicago Reps to Speak at Zoning Conference – April 23, 2011

The Park 51 (so-called Ground Zero mosque) and Murfreesboro, Tennessee mosque controversies are having ripple effects across the nation.  Zoning laws are being used across the country to curb masjid building and expansion and your masjid/local community might be next!

What can we do? Should we sit back, throw our hands up in the air and say it’s unfair? Or do we take a more proactive approach and learn how to navigate these issues? Currently each individual community is dealing with these issues on its own with no concerted plan of action. This has led to a tremendous duplication of efforts and in some cases — a waste of the minimal resources our community has.

Join CIOGC, ISPU, Muslim Bar Association and CAIR-Chicago on Saturday, April 23 for the first of its kind — Zoning Summit — to hear from experts who will share with us all in one forum strategies on how to successfully manage opposition to masjid applications. Hear from attorneys, activists and community members on how to effectively engage with zoning boards/politicians, concerned neighbors, and the media.

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak will discuss his advocacy on behalf of the Irshad Learning Center, a Muslim community center in Naperville whose zoning permit was rejected by DuPage County.  CAIR-Chicago Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif will discuss messaging and public relations’ role in mosque advocacy.

Perhaps you have ideas/suggestions that you can share with the community from your own experiences?

Please register online to let us know that you are planning to attend. The nominal fee of $10/person will cover lunch, a wealth of information and helpful advice.