Communication Coordinator Amina Sharif Presents at UIC

CAIR-Chicago’s Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif delivered presentations to Media and Professional Writing classes at the University of Illinois at Chicago on April 19th and 26th.  Professor Linda Landis Andrews invited Sharif to speak on how CAIR-Chicago works with different media outlets to advocate for religious tolerance and the rights of religious minorities to practice their faith freely. She explained how media plays a critical role in disseminating information and shaping public opinion.

Sharif shared how, as a media professional, she is contacted by news outlets to share expert analysis on current events and issues regarding American Muslims. She also explained the daily operations of the Communications Department such as the media monitoring programs and the efforts to challenge biased reports in the news.

Sharif engaged students in a discussion on the role of media in the social justice movement. Many students asked questions related to non-profit work and how to get more experience in the field.

Professor Landis Andrews said Sharif’s presentation was insightful as it showed students what it takes to work in public relations. She said that Sharif demonstrated “what it takes to be an excellent non-profit practitioner” and “covered the responsibilities and challenges expertly.”

Professor Landis Andrews has been inviting Sharif to speak to her students every semester for the past 2 years.

“I always enjoy speaking to Linda’s students,” said Sharif. “They are an intelligent, dynamic group and the future of this profession.”