Gerald Hankerson to participate in 9/11 Primer – The Epoch of the Peacemakers

“Art communicates across ethnic, cultural, and national boundaries – Art creates connections.” – Artists as Peacemakers

The time to reflect on our history and move forward as a one human society, once and for all, toward a new era of human civilization has arrived!

Event (Free admission):
9/11 Primer: The Epoch of the Peacemakers
The 10th Anniversary of 9/11

*If you are not or cannot attend the event, no worries! Here is another way for you to participate and share your love for peace!

ONE COMMON THREAD PROJECT – Click for instructions on how!

The event will present speakers, spoken word performers, music and art together in an interactive event. It is a statement weaving the history of peacemakers, that incorporates readings of works from Thoreau, Tolstoy, Jane Addams, Gandhi, King, Ikeda, and more. The event aims to give show the history of peace-making and struggle for social justice in a new, more profound spectrum that personally connects to each of us who attends. Between these readings the underlining message conveys the direct association to the ongoing powerful work that must be done to transform ourselves to a more humanistic and just society.

In addition, in the shadowy horror of September 11th and the subsequent carnage of the past decade, we also seek to re-affirm the power of love and truth. We want to make a statement of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters, at a time of extreme bigotry and persecution, to create understanding and compassion for the Islamic community. To unclench the fists.

Thus, this event is dedicated not only to memorialize the 9/11 victims but to move forward on reconciliation as a ONE HUMAN SOCIETY and to reaffirm the power of people, Arts and artists as Peacemakers. We fight for a world free of war and violence in our streets and the world, for that is the only path to our survival and progress, as a human family.


Created & Organized by: HumanThread
Co-Sponsors: Chicago Fringe Festival; CAIR-Chicago (Council on American-Islamic Relations); AFSC (American Friends Service Committee, OPCTJ, CAPOW!
8th Day Center for Justice


* Quilt Exhibit: Reflections on September 11th, A Decade Later
by the Fiber Artists for Hope
* Panel Exhibit: Artists as Peacemakers – ICAP

* Special Guest Speaker: Maureen Murphy, Journalist/Palestinian Solidarity Activist
* Speeches: Rachel Nelson, Student, IFYC (Interfaith Youth Core); Gerald Hankerson, Outreach Coordinator, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations); AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)
* Presentation of the art work: “Common Thread Project” for Peace
* Presentation of the Pledge
* Silent Prayer
* Powerful Live Performances – music, spoken word & play by:
* Mingling Time (Refreshments)

** **POETS & SPOKEN WORD ARTISTS! – do you have a powerful message to send across to shake our souls for peace? Contact: or 312.243.9423!!*****

Event Photo:
9/11: A Primer – Quilt Art Work by Susan Shie