Daily Herald: Cal Thomas Israel Column Ludicrous

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The Sept. 21 opinion piece, “Israel’s future under siege from U.N.,” by Cal Thomas had inflammatory terminology and was devoid of any logical arguments. I was extremely disappointed in your decision to print this ludicrous piece.

The article begins with the statement that U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state would violate the Declaration of Principles, an agreement signed by both Israel and Palestine in 1993. This is a complete lie, since the agreement gives Palestinians authority to rule over their own affairs.

Thomas says that Palestinians are a major threat to Israel, and if they are given U.N. recognition, this will lead to Israel’s “eradication.” Thomas seems to contradict this irrational theory when he writes that Israel is “spending more per capita on its defense” than any other country in the world. Palestine, on the other hand, has no established military.

Irrelevant facts about Israel’s medical and technological contributions to the world are used as justifications for his argument as well. He then calls the nationally recognized authority on Palestinian affairs, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), a “terrorist group.”

The Daily Herald has the responsibility of supporting arguments with relevant facts and statistics instead of pure conjecture. Stop publishing Cal Thomas.