CAIR-Chicago Hosts Panel Discussion on Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring [PHOTOS]

On November 10, 2011, CAIR-Chicago hosted a community discussion in honor of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations’ Arab Heritage Month.  Speakers discussed the Arab Spring revolutions and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The panel of speakers included the Honorable Judge of Cook County, William J. Haddad; DePaul Professor, Laith Saud; and CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab.

Haddad called for speaking out against the idea of the Arab Spring as being a Muslim lead anti-Christian movement, while Saud discussed the difference between methodology and ideology in the recent Wall Street protests.

Rehab went into detail about the Egyptian revolution and its political aftermath. He talked about the Egyptian uprising through different historical lenses.  The Egyptian revolution, according to Rehab, was similar to the French Revolution.

“All the speakers offered very different perspectives,” said Hiba Hammadi, Gallery Coordinator at CAIR-Chicago.

The presentations and the question and answer session that followed were a success.  “Everyone was engaged and taking notes,” said CAIR-Chicago’s Operations Coordinator, Mohamed Abdelati.

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