Amina Sharif Speaks at Lowe’s Townhall Meeting

Amina Sharif, CAIR-Chicago’s Communications Coordinator, spoke at an Orland Park townhall meeting on Jan. 15. She presented on a panel with three other leaders from different faith organizations.

The speakers discussed the decision of the home improvement chain, Lowe’s, to pull its ad from TLC’s new reality show, “All American Muslim.”

“Groups like the Florida Family Association that stir up these controversies are the fringe, and we need to make sure we work with main-stream Americans, the majority of Americans, level-headed, peaceful, tolerant people, to fulfill our nation’s values,” said Sharif.

Jane Ramsey, the Executive Director of The Jewish Council of Urban Affairs, stated that corporations like Lowe’s have to be held “accountable” for their actions. She added that Lowe’s decision to pull its ads off the show is “deeply offensive.”

Jan Shaulis, from the Southwest Interfaith Team (SWIFT), emphasized dialogue across religious and cultural borders as a solution to fear and bigotry, while Anya Cordell, winner of Spirit of Anne Frank Award 2010, called for a “nuanced” response.

The discussion was later opened up to the audience in a question and answer session.

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