Help Islamophobe Steven Emerson Raise $10K for CAIR-Chicago

The success of the recent CAIR-Chicago 2012 banquet has been roundly positive from almost everyone: the speakers, awardees, guests, and even the media.

But the success of the Chicago Muslim community has left one man agonizing and lashing out in bitter disappointment and desperation.

Anti-Muslim, self-styled “terrorism expert” Steven Emerson has published a hysterical piece on IPT, his controversial blog, throwing everything and the kitchen sink at pretty much everyone: CAIR-Chicago, its Executive Director Ahmed Rehab, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, Professor John Esposito, Sheikh Kifah Mustapha, and others.

SEE: IPT: Chicago Police Dept. Embraces Hamas Front

The IPT, or the Investigative Project, is little more than an anti-Muslim propaganda mouth-piece run by a shady individual who many believe is a front for far right extremists in Israel.

Devoid of true credentials, Emerson tries hard to run himself off as some sort of independent “expert” on terrorism, Islam, and Muslims; the puff pieces he fills his blog with are often empty of substance and, instead, replete with anti-Muslim hysterics – he is getting rich off of it.

Muslims are not the only ones taking note. The Tennessean News Paper recently published a detailed report exposing his fraudulent practices.

SEE: The Tennessean: Anti-Muslim crusaders make millions spreading fear

We thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we sent back a message to Mr. Emerson that his outdated fearmongering tactics will not only fail in intimidating us but would backfire by helping him fundraise $10,000 for CAIR-Chicago?

If you agree with us, we ask that you take a moment to donate $100 to CAIR-Chicago. If only 100 people contribute, we will reach our goal!


What is really revealing about the IPT, a supposedly counter-terrorism investigative project, is that Emerson rarely attacks Muslim terrorists or violent extremists, curiously opting instead to devote much of the website to attacking peaceful Muslim leaders and organizations who are making a positive difference.

This of course demonstrates the fact that Emerson is actually not concerned in the least about the national security of the United States of America and that he could not care less about the actual terrorist threat this country faces.

Instead, it is the enfranchisement of moderate Muslim-Americans that gets him chasing his tail. It seems from a careful scrutiny of his “reports” that his real and only concern is how a more politically empowered Muslim community would reflect on the interests of Israel, the latter being his true obsession and cause-du-vivre.

And that is precisely the reason he is so mortified by the success of CAIR-Chicago in building positive relations with the Chicago Police. He would rather that Muslims everywhere would be under mass surveillance by their local police departments and that Muslim-Americans in turn would vilify the police. He wants estrangement for Muslims and dreads enfranchisement.

But there is another reason Emerson is so miffed by CAIR-Chicago. We have repeatedly confronted and exposed him in the past (we encourage you to read those pieces):

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This is a hateful attempt to undermine our success, a success he clearly sees. Let us send a resounding message that this community supports its institutions, its Imams, its guests of honor, and its positive community relations with those who bear us no malice.

Let us send a strong message to those who wish to smear and marginalize our community and who wish to drive a wedge between us and our government including law enforcement, that the fearmongering tar-and-feather train has long left the station.

Let us do it not through words and sentiments but through empowerment, through action that he and others like him will understand… Please take a minute to donate your $100 dollars today. Nothing will send a message to Mr.Emerson like the realization that he helped raise $5K or $10K or $20K for the empowerment of Muslim-Americans!