ACTION ALERT: Support SB 1064 – keep private prisons out of Illinois!


CAIR-Chicago is part of a growing number of organizations that are protesting the construction of a private prison in Crete, IL.

The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the country’s largest operator of private prisons, is proposing the construction of a detention center in Crete to house federal immigration detainees.

CCA was recently forced to settle an Idaho lawsuit for prisoner abuse. In the suit, CCA’s own staff referred to the pattern of abuse as resembling a ‘Gladiator School’ – where inmates were pitted against one another while guards watched. At the center of the controversy was the horrific, uninterrupted beating of Muslim detainee, Hanni Elabed, by a white supremacist inmate in plain sight of CCA guards. Elabed suffered permanent brain damage. We encourage the media and legislators to watch the harrowing video of Elabed’s beating before deciding whether we want to bring CCA into our backyard.

VIDEO (viewer discretion): CCA guards stand by as Muslim inmate is beaten

The proposed IL prison is set to house 788 inmates. While the CCA continues to expand their detention centers nationwide, the profitability of the corporation rises as care for detainees and staff working conditions plummet. There is also serious concern among civil rights activists for the increasing criminalization of undocumented immigrants.

The Illinois General Assembly is now considering legislation (SB 1064, sponsored by Sen. Antonio Munoz and Rep. Edward Acevedo) that would block CCA from running private detention facilities in our state. Community and faith leaders and local residents are already mobilizing to push forward against what we anticipate will be heavy resistance from CCA.

“Justice and profitability do not mix well,” said CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab. “It’s a classic conflict of interest with grave ethical, human and civil rights consequences. This is not Illinois, it never was and – if we can help it – it will never be.”

UPDATE:  SB 1064 passed out of the House Executive Committee and is now waiting for a vote in the Illinois House.

SEE: Illinois General Assembly Bill Status of SB 1064

LISTEN: House committee passes bill blocking Crete detention center


CAIR-Chicago is asking you to contact your representatives to let them you know support SB 1064! You can easily contact your representatives by clicking on our easy action e-mail which has a letter already started for you!

Stop private prison profiteering on human suffering! Share this action alert widely and spread the word about supporting SB 1064!

Contact your representatives and let them know that you support SB 1064!