ACTION ALERT: Candlelight vigil for Syria tomorrow night – Wednesday

Gathering at the corner of Michigan and Congress at 8:00PM

Dear Civil Rights and Human Rights supporters,

CAIR-Chicago, in conjunction with local Syrian American activists, is calling on you to join us at a candle light vigil for Syria tomorrow. To date, 13,000 have been killed, with as many as 100 or more dying every day. Thousands more have been injured. Many among the slain are women and children. The purpose of the candle light vigil is to express solidarity with the people of Syria and raise awareness locally about the need for the world to end its silence and help end the bloodshed, civil and human rights abuses.

Here is what you need to bring:

1 – A candle (CAIR-Chicago will provide 100 candles).
2 – The top half of a water bottle to shield the candle from wind if necessary. See image below.
3 – A Syrian flag.
4 – Signs expressing solidarity with the people of Syria.

Here is how it will work:

1 – We will gather at 8:00 on the corner of Michigan and Congress.
2 – We will pray Maghreb at 8:30.
3 – We will then move over to the corner of Michigan and Jackson to begin the vigil.
4 – We will stand in a long row of two people each from the corner of Michigan and Jackson, extending as far north as there are attendees. The double file row will stand as close to the sidewalk as possible facing oncoming traffic.
5 – The lit candles are all you should be holding. The flags can be draped around your shoulders, and the signs can be set up on the corner or by your feet.
6 – There will be no speeches or chanting. The serenity of the candles should do all the talking. We will observe in patient silence, with our thoughts focused on the martyrs.
7 – We will stand in the vigil for 30 min.

We hope to have 200 people present. Please pass the word on to all your friends.

We will film the vigil in order to share our message with more people via YouTube and hopefully inspire other cities in the U.S. and around the world to do a similar action.

RSVP for the event on Facebook, and share it with your friends

We hope to see you there!

SEE VIDEO: Egypt Candle Light Vigil for Syria