Join CAIR-Chicago's "Know Your Rights" Summer Art Contest!

CAIR-Chicago Presents: The “Know Your Rights” Summer Art Contest

Spread the word of Civil Rights in YOUR way, with YOUR own work. Natural and Legal rights are not only part of American culture, they are part of everyday life.

To encourage the awareness and education of Civil Rights, CAIR-Chicago is hosting a “Know Your Rights” art contest!

CAIR-Chicago encourages all Illinois artists to submit artwork that reflects ideas of Civil Rights. The image should inspire public conversation and thought about Civil Rights. The three winning images will be framed and displayed permanently in the CAIR-Chicago Gallery and the winners will be honored at our Taste of Ramadan reception on August 7th, 2012.


You may use any sort of medium digital or physical. (e.g. adobe art, charcoal, pastel, drawing, painting, photography, etc.).

  • The message of “Know Your Rights” and/or Civil Rights must be reflected.
  • Artistic statement of purpose (brief 1 page summary).
  • Must be in digital format with high resolution (300 dpi).
  • If the picture is not digital, you can submit a scan of the image.
  • The image must be submitted via email (any other form of entry will not be considered).
  • The image must be original artwork.
  • Submission deadline: Friday July 6th, 2012

    You may submit up to 3 pieces of artwork. All artwork must be sent to Communications Coordinator, Aymen Abdel Halim at

    How the contest works

  • Approved submissions will be posted on our Facebook page in our “Photos” folder on Monday, July 9th.
  • As soon as the images are up, you can start voting! How do you vote? Simply “like” your favorite images!
  • The three images with the most “likes” by Friday, August 3rd, will be announced as the winners of the CAIR-Chicago “Know Your Rights” Summer Art Contest!
  • If you have any questions, please contact Communications Coordinator, Aymen Abdel Halim at

    Disclaimer: Submissions will be treated as being free of restrictions and limitations on their use. The chosen submissions will be displayed on multiple social media platforms and will be archived in albums, boards, and websites. No profanity or nonsensically offensive images or language. Must be original art work and not entered in any other contest.