CAIR-Chicago hosts "Know Your Rights" workshop

On July 9th, CAIR-Chicago hosted a youth group from the Arab American Action Network.

Staff Attorney Rabya Khan was on hand to lead them through a “Know Your Rights” workshop. Khan emphasized the protections all Americans enjoy, pointing out that the Bill of Rights guarantees rights to all people in the United States, regardless of religious affiliation or immigration status.

Khan also spent time discussing practical issues that the teens, and their communities, were likely to face. She explained how to deal with both police officers and federal agents, telling the students to be cooperative while also exercising their rights to legal counsel.

The workshop also featured plenty of time for the students to ask questions, as they brought up issues that they faced on a daily basis in their neighborhoods and communities such as curfew laws and the importance of warrants in searches.

After the presentation was over, Law Clerk Kinza Khan facilitated the interactive segment of the workshop, where pairs of students came up to present what they had learned through the workshop.