CAIR-Chicago holds "White Balloon Protest" downtown

On Friday, August 17th, CAIR-Chicago along with an interfaith and interethnic coalition of diverse community organizations united to protest hate and Islamophobia in downtown Chicago.

The event came as a reaction to the disturbing spike of violent attacks against minority communities in Chicagoland and across the U.S. – including local incidents such as shooting at a mosque in Morton Grove, an acid bomb being thrown at an Islamic school in Lombard, and the desecration of a Muslim man’s grave in Evergreen Park.

Nearly 150 people were in attendance last night, holding white balloons to signify hope and a quiet form of protest against the hate that has stricken the Muslim, Sikh, as well as interfaith and interethnic communities in recent weeks.

The event drew the attention of various media outlets including NBC, CBS, WGN, and ABC as well as a number of passerbys and onlookers.

CAIR-Chicago will be following up early in the week with with photos, video, and media reports on the event.

Until then, the staff and interns at CAIR-Chicago are wishing the Muslim community a very happy and safe Eid holiday with their friends and family.