Thank you for making our 4th Annual “Taste of Ramadan” a success!

Last night, over 500 people shared a Ramadan iftar at CAIR-Chicago’s downtown office.

The night included an international menu that was seemingly endless – biryani, pierogis, dolma, hummus, samosas, tostadas, noodle and rice dishes, pastas, and a wide array of delectable desserts were all served. It was all delicious, and it all went fast.

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What was reflected last night, however, was the diversity in not just the dishes that were served, but in particular, in the guests that attended the event.

Attendees represented individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life; many originating from the Middle East, East and South Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and South America. Individuals from many faiths were represented including Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, Buddhists, Methodists, among others. There were also community leaders and many young people who attended.

Seeing such a diverse group of people meeting, conversing, and sharing food together highlights the flourishing Muslim community in Chicagoland, but also the growing number of community members who have become part of a greater network – a family that is diverse in its backgrounds, but held together by the common thread as being ambassadors for achieving social justice.


The “Taste of Ramadan” is an event that essentially speaks to the work of CAIR-Chicago. Yes, we defend the constitutional rights of American Muslims, but we understand that events like these unify broader communities in order to successfully challenge and ultimately overcome the injustices in our world.

The event last night shows us that there will always be more similarities in our struggles than differences.

When we think about the significance of Ramadan, many Muslims believe it is a time for reflection, humility, appreciation, sharing, giving, and growth as individuals, families, and communities. It is a time we can all look introspectively to think about – and act on – how we can become better people – as individuals and as a community.

Reaching our goal of being able to share Ramadan with the Chicagoland community and providing the opportunity for our broader community to grow, is to us, the true success of this event.

This is why we share Ramadan.

Our event received TV, newspaper, and radio coverage (Daily Herald, ABC, CBS, and WBBM), and we will be sharing a video of the event later this week.

Without you, our event wouldn’t have been such a tremendous achievement. Thank you sharing such a special night with us, and we look forward to bringing the “Taste of Ramadan” to you even bigger and better next year.

Finally, would like to extend tremendous gratitude and appreciation to our sponsors for their kindness and generosity in providing meals to the staff, interns and attendees of the event. Many thanks go to the Midamar Corporation for providing zabiha meat and poultry, and Mama Maria Pizza for contributing over 50 delicious pizzas.

Please give back to these businesses for their gracious offerings to all the guests at the “Taste of Ramadan.”

Thanks again for joining us for our 4th Annual “Taste of Ramadan” iftar and cook-off. We can’t wait for next year!

– Aymen Abdel Halim, Communications Coordinator for CAIR-Chicago