Presidential debate viewing party welcomes a variety of opinions

Last night, CAIR-Chicago held a public viewing party of the 3rd Presidential debate which welcomed a lively and diverse group. The 3rd and last Presidential debate before election day centered on foreign policy and focused on topics including issues regarding Israel, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

The viewing party was attended by CAIR-Chicago staff, interns, and community members eager to participate in discussions around U.S. foreign policy.

As Obama and Romney butted heads on the screen, members of the audience expressed their views about the candidates’ stances on the issues.

One audience member seemed supportive of the President: “Obama sounded really strategic and thoughtful and hes definitely thinking in the best interest of the United States and the people of Syria.” While another expressed her distaste for both candidates: “It’s hard to really take anything that they say too seriously when I don’t think that they genuinely have the interest in promoting democracy around the world.”

Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, shared his view on Governor Romney’s statements: “I felt that Governor Romney’s foreign policy explanation was a bit rhetorical … we worry that he will be a continuation of President Bush’s warmongering in the Middle East.”

CAIR-Chicago’s viewing party not only offered a chance for the community to watch the debate in a space other than their home, but it also gave the community an opportunity to express their views while exchanging and sharing their ideas on pertinent issues facing Americans.

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