Chicago Now: My Jihad Bus Ads

What comes to mind when you hear the word “jihad”? If you’re thinking revengeful Muslims, then these bus ads that are beginning to roll out across the United States are desperately needed.

Ahmed Raheb et. al., an employee of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Chicago, or CAIR for short, has recently put out an ad campaign to change the view of the word “jihad” and, by the transitive property, change the image people have of Muslims.

The ads are quite simple, and because of that, they are also very powerful. A variety of people from different races are featured on them and there is a quote explaining what “my jihad” means to them. Surprise: The quote is moving and positive not negative or vengeful, and exactly what needs to be said to foster intercultural understanding.

The only way to fight ignorance is through knowledge, and these ads are providing a different set of information to people who would otherwise believe solely in stereotypes. I can’t wait to see more of these types of adverstisements for every misunderstood sector of society in the U.S.