WBBM Newsradio: CTA Buses Now Displaying ‘My Jihad’ Ads

CHICAGO (CBS) – Rolling through Chicago now are CTA buses carrying ads from the “My Jihad” campaign. Ahmed Rehab, Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, says he wants to reclaim the word Jihad from the terrorists and Islamophobes and show it means struggle, to improve and not holy war.

Rehab acknowledges it’s an uphill public relations battle.

“One of the rules of PR for it to be meaningful, is for it to be an uphill battle as a matter of fact,” said Rehab.

DePaul visiting professor Laith Al-Saud says it’s an effort to speak for the voiceless in America.

“We are doing public relations on behalf of the five to six million American Muslims who have been feeling discriminated against and yet no one has been openly advocating on their behalf,” said Al Saud.

The CTA ads display jihad goals like building friendships, saying fit or marching on despite loss of a child.