Rabya Khan conducts ‘Know Your Rights’ training at Northwestern

On Thursday January 31, 2013, Staff Attorney Rabya Khan conducted a joint Know Your Rights training with First Defense Legal Aid attorneys Emlyn Ricketts and Devin Viland at Northwestern University. First Defense Legal Aid provides free legal representation for individuals in Chicago Police custody, and a 24/7 legal aid hotline (1-800-LAW-REP-4).

Students requested the training to address racial profiling and police harassment on campus. Approximately thirty students attended, including Muslim, Latino, African American, and Caucasian students.

The attorneys discussed Constitutional rights for individuals who are questioned by the police and FBI, and rights in custody, search warrant and search encounters. Students asked questions about racial profiling while traveling, search and seizure, and search warrant situations. Students appreciated the training, and plan to organize a training for the Spring quarter which would include advocacy strategies.

The Muslim-cultural Student Association and Omega Delta Phi Fraternity student organizations sponsored the training.

If you would like to schedule a Know Your Rights training, submit a request here.

Here is the full report and photos as reported by the Daily Northwestern.