16 regional mayors commend CAIR-Chicago!

16 local mayors and village presidents commend CAIR-Chicago!

“Congratulations on a phenomenal past year and best wishes for the future. The theme, “#HateFree”, brings hope for equality, respect and open dialogue. We do best when we work together and appreciate one another’s ideas, voices and experiences. You are helping the entire Chicagoland area with what I am sure will be a successful event and another memorable year.”

– Elizabeth B. Tisdahl
Mayor of Evanston

“Congratulations on your ongoing efforts to enlighten both the Muslim community here and the general American public through education and the nurturing of mutual understanding. CAIR-Chicago’s dedication to studying and promoting the issues of civil and social justice for the American Muslim community enriches our culture and brings people together in growth and progress.’

– Brad Stephens
Mayor of Rosemont

“The City of Urbana supports your efforts to engage all communities in building a mutual understanding and trust to strive for a society free of hate.’

– Lauren Lunt Prussing
Mayor of Urbana

“Your efforts to promote equality and defending the civil rights of Muslims are truly commendable.”

– Eric J. Kellogg
Mayor of Harvey

“CAIR-Chicago’s theme this year, ‘#HateFree’, is evidence of your commitment to educate the public, foster understanding, and continue the goal of living harmoniously amongst the diversity within our communities.”

– Donald Gerard
Mayor of Champaign

“The theme of your banquet, “#HateFree”, is appropriate considering CAIR-Chicago’s commitment to guaranteeing equality and respect for all. Through cultivating and open dialogue and cooperation among all people, CAIR-Chicago has made it a priority to appreciate one another’s unique ideas, voices and experiences.’

– William D. McLeod
Mayor of Hoffman Estates

“I commend CAIR-Chicago on its ongoing efforts to serve the needs of the city’s Muslim community. Celebrating diversity, encouraging tolerance, and promoting justice is of great importance to me personally and to the citizens of the City of South Bend.”

– Pete Buttigieg
Mayor of South Bend, IN

“I commend CAIR-Chicago for their never-ending commitment to guarantee equality and respect for all Muslim-Americans. We must all continue to assist you in finding creative ways to open dialogue and cooperation within our communities.”

– Gerald R. Bennett
Mayor of Palos Hills

“I commend CAIR-Chicago on its unwavering commitment to peace, justice and equality and wish you and your organization a successful 9th Annual Banquet.”

– Mike Howley
Mayor of Hickory Hills

“Please accept my best wishes for another successful banquet capping yet another successful year fulfilling your mission to defend civil rights, fight bigotry and promote tolerance.”

– David J. Kaptain
Mayor of Elgin

“I commend CAIR-Chicago for their unending commitment in helping to engage all communities in building mutual understanding and trust.”

– Gopal G. Lalmalani
Village President, Oak Brook

“The theme for this year’s banquet, #HateFree, represents the changing times and the new communications outlets that are available to promote messages of understanding, acceptance and trust. Community diversity is something we all should embrace; diversity makes us a stronger nation.”

– – Sandra E. Frum
Village President, Northbrook

“The Village of Morton Grove extends its best wishes for another successful banquet which will conclude another triumphant year of fulfilling your mission to defend civil rights, fight bigotry and promote tolerance.”

– Daniel J. Staackman
Village President, Morton Grove

“I am pleased to commend your efforts and those of the members of CAIR-Chicago in working to ensure justice for the embattled within our community and throughout Chicagoland. Your efforts to foster understanding will go a long way in improving not only relations between Islamic Americans and other segments of American society, but by extension will help to improve relations with all groups.”

– Terrence M. Stephens
Village President, Midlothian

“CAIR-Chicago works to improve justice and foster improved understanding in our region. Your 2013 banquet theme of #HateFree is a bold statement encompassing the need toward the removal of prejudice and discrimination in our digitally interconnected, but often personally isolated, world. It speaks to the core need to address multicultural engagement in our ever-changing world.”

– Billie D. Roth
Village President, Streamwood

“The theme of this year’s event, ‘#HateFree,’ speaks to a new era of guaranteeing equality and respect for all, while also finding creative ways to open dialogue and cooperation. This theme demonstrates CAIR-Chicago’s efforts to reach every segment of society while staying true to their commitment to educate.”

– Michael A. Esposito
Village President, Berkeley

CAIR-Chicago cordially invites you to our 9th Annual Banquet! #HateFree

What: CAIR-Chicago’s 9th Annual Banquet #HateFree
When: Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at 6:00pm
Where: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
9301 Bryn Mawr Ave.
Rosemont, IL 60018
Tickets: Adults – $75 per RSVP, $100 at the door
Students – $45 (with student ID)

Free Parking. Babysitting available for $10 per child.