The Daily Caller: Muslim group urges supporters to call company behind ‘terrorist girl’ greeting card

The civil liberties advocacy organization the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) urged its supporters to hit the phones to condemn the company behind a provocative greeting card that makes light of radical Islamic terrorism.

CAIR’s Chicago chapter first noticed a greeting card sold in a Chicago store that depicts a talking doll wearing a Muslim Hijab and features expressions like “She’ll Love You to Death,” “Pull string for message…if you dare,” and “Hope Your Birthday is a Blow Out!”

CAIR sent an email to supporters urging a phone-call campaign against the company behind the card, the Hoboken, N.J.-based humorous greeting card publisher Nobleworks.

“Contact the makers of the greetings card and let them know that you do NOT think that stereotyping Muslim women and girls is OK. Ask them if they would get a chuckle out of their daughters growing up exposed to messaging that criminalizes their basic identity for profit,” CAIR wrote in its email, in which it published a phone number for Nobleworks.

“(CAIR-Chicago has written an official letter to the company sharing its concerns.) As always, be firm and polite,” CAIR wrote.

The controversial design is credited to Nobleworks president Ron Kanfi.

Nobleworks, which licenses the work of more than twenty artists, features cards designed by New Yorker staff cartoonist Tom Cheney, whose cartoons for the company occasionally err on the bawdier side.

Nobleworks also produces a line of “Urban Dictionary” greeting cards, “Fuck Cancer” cards, and risque humorous “Naughty Cards.”

CAIR recently called for hate crime charges to be pressed against a passenger who allegedly assaulted a Virginia cabdriver for being Muslim.