Ramadan Mubarak from CAIR-Chicago!

This year, Ramadan begins on July 9th, 2013.

Every year, Ramadan commences on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when the crescent moon is sighted, as it is believed that during this time the Qur’an was revealed.

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to focus on their spirituality and the teachings of Islam. Communications Coordinator Ambreen Zuberi says, “It’s a time when I can build the one on one relationship with God.” The holy month provides Muslims the opportunity to meditate on their lives and to improve their relationship with God by abstaining from foul behavior and taking worldly possessions for granted. Every individual experiences their own Ramadan, and thus the celebration has a unique meaning for every person.

Government Affairs Intern Ibrahim Al-Hajiby, however, speaks to the communal nature of the celebration, describing Ramadan as the “month of mercy. The spirit of Ramadan is the spirit of mercy and compassion. You spread the love among the people around you by submitting to God, because we all have the same purpose during Ramadan.”

CAIR-Chicago’s staff members, interns and volunteers are very excited for this auspicious month. We will be celebrating on July 17th with our annual Taste of Ramadan Iftar in our office.

Additionally, nine non-Muslim interns have joined together in a “Solidarity Fast,” as an expression of the interfaith support present at CAIR-Chicago. Amy Brabec, Government Affairs Intern, says “I look forward to deepening my understanding of a tradition that’s not part of my faith heritage.” Intern David Blount echoes that desire for understanding with the “hope to have more conversations and get a better idea of what Ramadan stands for.”

Moreover, Office Coordinator Noor Salahuddin reminds us that the sentiment of Ramadan transcends any temporal spectrum and should be internalized throughout the year: “I think Ramadan is the essence of faith. It is a guiding month. It should become a frame of mind and more than just a month.”

CAIR-Chicago wishes you a peaceful, joyous Ramadan!