Voice of America: Chicago Muslims host 'Taste of Ramadan'

Voice of America-Bahasa Indonesia published a post┬ácovering CAIR-Chicago’s annual ‘Taste of Ramadan’. Bahasa Indonesia reported on CAIR-Chicago’s fifth annual ‘Taste of Ramadan’ which served over 60 varieties of dishes from various countries and regions to 300 attendees. The ‘Taste of Ramadan’ was inspired by the local, annual ‘Taste of Chicago’ and created to provide a place for local Muslims to break their fast together. Gerald Hankerson, Outreach Coordinator, was quoted, “I want to share and remind people that Islam is practiced all over the world, even in every continent”, emphasizing the importance of coming together as a community while promoting understanding. CAIR-Chicago hopes to make next year’s ‘Taste of Ramadan’ even bigger and more festive.

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