Citizenship delay project boasts three new citizens

CAIR-Chicago’s Staff Attorney Rabya Khan recently resolved three citizenship delay cases, and in each case there was a delay of at least two years since the naturalization interview.

Mr. Munasser and his wife fled Yemen due to the civil war and came to the United States as refugees. After suffering great hardship in fleeing their native country, they looked forward to becoming a part of our democracy. However, delays in their application caused frustration for the couple. After filing a lawsuit in early 2013, Mr. and Mrs. Munasser were naturalized on August 19, 2013.

The third successful case was on behalf of Kais Sorour, an Egyptian-Iraqi limo driver who moved to the United States in 2005. After CAIR-Chicago’s advocacy efforts partnered with the Chicago office of USCIS, he was finally naturalized on October 10, 2013.

Citizenship delay persists as is a prominent issue in the American Muslim community, and CAIR-Chicago continuously strives to resolves as many of these cases as possible.

See pictures from the citizenship ceremonies here!
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