Action Alert: Are You An Undergrad or Grad Student? Be An Election Judge!

CAIR-Chicago supports its civic engagement partners in encouraging young adults to be fully involved in the elections process.

Student Leaders in Elections Flyer

Student Leaders in Elections (SLE)-Chicago (in partnership with the Chicago Board of Elections and the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights) is a program to make elections fairer and more efficient by recruiting students (graduate and undergraduate) to oversee polling places on Election Day. This is a chance to serve your city, protect the right to vote, and figure out how democracy happens.



Election judges are nonpartisan, and will be paid for their service ($170 for working Election Day and attending one training). If you are a currently enrolled student, sign up at!




In order to apply, you MUST:

Be a U.S. Citizen
Have a 3.0 out of 4 GPA (except first-year students without a GPA)
Be enrolled in a college or university (non-students can apply to be election judges at the Board of Elections page)
-Be available ALL DAY on November 4 (5 AM–7 PM). Your professors will be sent a letter asking that you be excused from class that day
Attend one 4-hour training in early October (several training times will be offered)

Important Dates

September 19th: Students apply on or before this date
October 1st: Students will be mailed a letter on or before this date telling them what their polling place assignment is and where their training will be.
October 1-10: Students will attend a 4-hour training on one of these days
November 4: Report for duty 5am-7pm on Election Day.


For more info, contact Devin Race, SLE-Chicago Program Director, at, or call (512)586-5568 .