Welcome Chicago Ideas Week!

Every October thought leaders from around the world gather in Chicago for a week-long series of talks and workshops that inspire, connect, and impact the city and the world beyond. This week the streets around CAIR-Chicago’s office, have been painted yellow with the brightly t-shirted fans of Chicago Ideas Week (CIW). CAIR staff have enjoyed attending events and being part of CIW’s innovative conversation.

This week’s speakers have included Ayman Mohyeldin, the only American journalist who covered Israel’s 2008 war with Hamas from inside the Gaza Strip, Ben Rattray, the founder and CEO of Change.org, acclaimed hip hop artist and activist Brother Ali, and many more including one of this year’s Bluhm/Helfand Social Innovation Fellows, Zubaida Bai, who founded the company AYZH which provides clean birth kits to impoverished women worldwide.

“Chicago Ideas Week promotes a culture of open minded discussion. It places shared exploration and curiosity about other perspectives before cultural or personal differences. This is an inspiring conversation that challenges social assumptions and moves audiences to value ideas that vary from their own,” said Renner Larson, CAIR-Chicago’s Communications Coordinator.

If you are interested in learning more about Chicago Ideas Week or would like to attend one of the remaining events Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, visit chicagoideas.com.