Patheos: Charlie Hebdo, Boko Haram and Three Uncomfortable Questions

Whether purposeful or unwitting — which is quite possible by the way — our disposition to the narrative of the East/West divide, the invading hordes, the clash of civilizations is a timid yet omnipresent undercurrent in mainstream consciousness. This makes it easi(er) for the extremist ideologues on both sides who are explicitly wedded to this narrative and who are hell-bent on causing it to dominate a world where their stocks rise and their power and importance increases to find success, God forbid. It is for this reason that they each do what they do whether Muslim extremists or anti-Muslim extremists (Islamophobes).

We must question. We must challenge. If you think a minority of kooks can’t wreck our world, well they can, but only “by our own hands.”

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