Huffington Post: Who's Gunning for the Francophile Anti-Islamophobe?

I am not Charlie. I am not the terrorist either. I do not have to be Charlie to loathe the terrorists, and I do not have to resort to terrorism to register my displeasure with Charlie.

We are increasingly living in a time of overlapping spaces, and overlapping identities. The reality of most people is multi-dimensional. In such a world, we get to choose what we like and embrace it, and skip what we don’t and move on. We are all the product of the collective human experience that is deliciously diverse, very little of which is mutually-exclusive. The idea that it’s an all or nothing, and even worse, that it’s all good and nothing bad when it’s us, and all bad and nothing good when it’s the other is wildly offensive.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being assigned a role in a fantasy film in which extremists from both sides get to play casting agents. I will stick with reality. My reality.

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