Chicago Tribune: Islamic group rips District 230 response to graffiti threats

The Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said it learned from parents of Sandburg students Feb. 5 of graffiti on stalls in a boys restroom, including threats such as “I’ll kill all the arab muslims and islam,” and “All Islam will be killed in this school.” Similar graffiti was found in the school in January, Carla Erdey, a spokeswoman for District 230, said.

At a news conference Friday, Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR’s Chicago chapter, criticized the district for not immediately putting the school on lockdown once the graffiti was discovered and said parents weren’t notified quickly enough about the incident.

“I’m really, really afraid of the security, the safety of my child at that school. I’m scared to send her to school every day.”

See full article in The Chicago Tribune.

Report any suspicious activity or individuals to the local police (dial 911), and to the mosque or organization. Report any social media threats (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Email), voicemails, text messages, website attacks/hacks, phone calls, verbal threats, physical threats to the police.

Follow up with CAIR-Chicago after making any reports to the police so we can document and ensure threats are being investigated.

Read more information about reporting hate crimes here.