COMMUNITY ALERT: Report Suspicious Behavior


After the murder of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this Tuesday, and continued concern about threats and hate messages being sent in the Chicago area and on social media, CAIR-Chicago reiterates the necessity for local Muslims to be aware of and report any and all threats or hostile behavior.

CAIR-Chicago is advising the Chicago Muslim community to take all threats seriously and ensure that the local police and FBI are contacted in a timely manner to investigate and address any threats. CAIR-Chicago is here to assist you with vetting the credibility of the threat and the proper means of reporting.

Call 911 or your local police department to report any suspicious activity, hate crimes, threatening phone calls, text messages, or emails, or harassment. These could be individual threats or harassment, or threats against a mosque, school or organization. They could also be direct and specific threats on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Mosques, Islamic schools, Muslim organizations, and individuals are recommended to increase security efforts, including during prayer times, school times, and during any special events.

Report any suspicious activity or individuals to the local police (dial 911), and to the mosque or organization.
Report any social media threats (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Email), voicemails, text messages, website attacks/hacks, phone calls, verbal threats, physical threats to the police.

Follow up with CAIR-Chicago after making any reports to the police so we can document and ensure threats are being investigated.

Contact CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights department if you are a victim of any threats or hate crimes at (312) 212-1520 or our staff attorney at: