100 Public Officials Endorse Our Work!


“For more than a decade, CAIR-Chicago has been a vehicle of change for the Muslim communities in the Chicagoland area. You defend the civil rights of your constituents, encourage their political empowerment, and make strides to foster dialogue about cultural awareness and understanding.”

– Dick Durbin
United States Senator

“The mission of CAIR-Chicago remains important to this city – and every city – because it advocates for civil rights, facilitates important community partnerships, and presents opportunities for cultural exchange and enlightenment.”

– Rahm Emanuel
City of Chicago

“By protecting and defending the constitutional rights of American Muslims, you support the rights of all Americans. CAIR has done a wonderful job of engaging all communities in building mutual understanding and trust.”

– Bobby L. Rush
Member of Congress

“Thank you for your commitment to enhancing the dialogue among different cultures during a time when intolerance can take root if left unchecked.”

– Robin L. Kelly
Member of Congress

“The work that CAIR-Chicago does for our city and across the nation not only enriches the Muslim community but also expands productive dialogue between cultures. I thank them for their efforts.”

– Mike Quigley
Member of Congress

“The theme of this year’s event, Impact: Advocacy that Matters, references CAIR’s commitment to turn its network of connections with communities, schools, government, law enforcement, and organizations into measurable actions effective against all too real and prevalent instances of hatred and injustice.”

– Danny K. Davis
Member of Congress

“As part of the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, your work in Illinois and across the entire nation has impacted countless lives and made our entire community stronger.”

– Tammy Duckworth
Member of Congress

Impact: Advocacy that Matters, is an appropriate theme for this year’s banquet, acknowledging that CAIR-Chicago is committed to ensuring justice, equality and respect for all. The work of CAIR-Chicago has promoted principles of tolerance, religious freedom, trust and safety throughout the community.”

– Cheri Bustos
Member of Congress

“Each of us plays an important role in promoting mutual understanding and equal justice, but, to be effective, our community must demonstrate consistent, strategic and unified engagement on the local and national level.”

– André Carson
Member of Congress

“Your social advocacy and media monitoring are crucial not only for the safety of Muslims all over the country, but for the quality of journalism. I personally thank you for holding our media institutions accountable, and making the world a better place for all.”

– Keith Ellison
Member of Congress

“CAIR-Chicago’s role is crucial to fostering respect and appreciation of each other’s ideas and opinions.”
– Jesse White
Secretary of State, Illinois

“We are blessed to have organizations such as CAIR dedicated to reinforcing the need to build mutual understanding and trust among the many creeds, colors, religions and backgrounds that make up our community and our country.”

– Lisa Madigan
Attorney General of Illinois

“Throughout the years, CAIR-Chicago’s promotion of tolerance, understanding, and political empowerment has been vital to the vibrancy and health of our neighborhoods here in Chicago.”

– John J. Cullerton
Illinois State Senate

“Through your dedicated service in the areas of civil rights defense and advocacy, media outreach, public relations and voter registration, you truly are empowering and transforming Cook County’s Muslim American community.”

– Toni Preckwinkle
Cook County Board of Commissioners

“I live by the motto of Don’t be part of the problem, be a part of the solution. CAIR has been a part of the solution by creating relationships and connections with communities, schools, government, law enforcement, and organizations that result in measurable actions that fight against hatred and injustice.”

– Robert Steele
President Pro Tempore
Commissioner, 2nd District
Cook County Board of Commissioners

“As you celebrate your 11th Annual CAIR-Chicago Banquet, I hope you are proud of your past accomplishments and look forward to the important work ahead.”

– Michael Cabonargi
Commissioner, 2nd District
Cook County Board of Review

“I greatly appreciate your determination to advance initiatives that are measurable and effective and I applaud your efforts to uphold our nation’s quest to ensure civil and human rights.”

– Stanley Moore
Commissioner, 4th District
Cook County Board of Review

“It takes commitment, passion and vision to ensure that the human rights of all people are respected. CAIR-Chicago is a shining example of what can be accomplished when we all work together towards this ideal.”

– Jesus “Chuy” Garcia
Commissioner, 7th District
Cook County Board of Commissioners

“The Council’s hard work in advancing mutual respect for different ideas, beliefs, and experiences are greatly appreciated.”

– John P. Daley
Commissioner, 11th District
Cook County Board of Commissioners

“By defending civil rights, fighting bigotry, promoting tolerance, and providing Islamic perspective on issues of importance, CAIR-Chicago is enhancing understanding of the Islamic religion in one of the most diverse cities in the nation.”

– John Fritchey
Commissioner, 12th District
Cook County Board of Commissioners

“Your dedication to defending civil rights, open communication, and promoting tolerance is well described by this year’s theme “Impact: Advocacy that Matters.”

– David Orr
Cook County Clerk

“Advocating justice and respect through cultural awareness is important in today’s society where many communities, like Cook County, thrive in their cultural diversity.”

– Anita Alvarez
Cook County State’s Attorney

“I am grateful to you and the CAIR staff for consistently advocating for our diverse communities for tolerance, religious freedom, trust and safety which are vital components of the tapestry woven into the history of the United States.”

– Karen A. Yarbrough
Recorder of Deeds
Cook County

“I applaud CAIR-Chicago for its commitment to ending practices of ethnic defamation and discrimination in our communities, and its efforts to unite individuals from various backgrounds in support of its mission to ensure justice for all.”

– Dorothy Brown
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County

“I commend you on your Impact theme, which calls on each of us to work every day for mutual respect and justice for all people.”

– Robert W. Fioretti
Alderman, 2nd Ward
Chicago City Council

“The work your organization does continues to be a beacon of light and a valued resource that educates the masses on Muslim civil rights and experiences.”

– William D. Burns
Alderman, 4th Ward
Chicago City Council

“As CAIR celebrates its second decade, the selected theme, Impact: Advocacy that Matters reminds us that change which promotes bigotry and greater tolerance is a laudable goal.”

– Deborah Mell
Alderman, 33rd Ward
Chicago City Council

“Their exceptional work enriches the Muslim Community and facilitates important dialogue in our neighborhoods and beyond.”

– James Cappleman
Alderman, 46th Ward
Chicago City Council

“The theme of this banquet…stresses the importance of creating meaningful change in our entire community.”

– Joseph A. Moore
Alderman, 49th Ward
Chicago City Council

“As our country continues to grow and change, it is important that we continue to work together and embrace diversity.”

– Frank Soto
Village President
Village of Bensenville

“I continue to be impressed with CAIR-Chicago for its work encouraging Arab and Muslim Americans to be proactive and to participate in the daily life of their communities while standing up for their rights and projecting a positive picture of their faith and heritage.”

– Steven M. Landek
Village of Bridgeview

“The best weapons against hate and bigotry are communication and education.”

– David J. Kaptain
City of Elgin

“You are helping the entire Chicagoland area with what I am sure will be a successful event and another memorable year.”

– Elizabeth Tisdahl
City of Evanston

“Amid significant historical moments and reflections in our nation’s quest to ensure civil and human rights for all, I am proud that your chapter is taking on this goal of making the most for our next decade of defending civil rights, fighting bigotry, and promoting tolerance.”

– Linda Jackson
Village President
Village of Glendale Heights

“With American values of justice and equality as a foundation we will continue to build on our forefather’s vision of a future filled with peace and prosperity for all.”

– Daniel P. DiMaria
Village President
Village of Morton Grove

“I commend CAIR-Chicago not only for all you do, but also for their unending commitment in helping to engage all communities in building mutual understanding, respect, and trust.”

– Gopal G. Lalmalani, MD., MBA
Village President
Village of Oak Brook

“I am pleased to congratulate the Council on American-Islamic Relations for your service to the Chicagoland Muslim Community and to commend you for continuing to foster improved respect and understanding of the diversity of our communities and our region.”

– Daniel J. McLaughlin
Village of Orland Park

“CAIR continues to focus keenly on advocating for the basic principles that make our nation great: civil rights, peace and justice for all.”

– Brad Stephens
Village of Rosemont

“The Council’s belief that a promising future can be achieved by respecting and appreciating one another’s ideas, voices and experiences is on that can provide hope and optimism to all.”

– Edward Zabrocki
Village of Tinley Park

“Through cultivating an open dialogue and cooperation among all people, CAIR-Chicago has made it a priority to appreciate one another’s unique ideas, voices and experiences.”

– William D. McLeod
Village of Hoffman Estates

“It is events like this that keep us aware that we must not waver in our fight for equality and justice for all people.”

– Karen Freeman-Wilson
City of Gary, Indiana

“In our diverse country, your focus on actions with measurable positive outcomes is of the utmost importance.”

– Pete Buttigieg
City of South Bend, Indiana

“We must remain focused in advocating a promising future where we respect one another and work to enhance the chapter’s goal of defending civil rights, fighting bigotry, and promoting tolerance.”

– Terry Link
Assistant Majority Leader,
Illinois State Senate

“I commend CAIR’s continued advocacy and core mission to defend civil rights, fight bigotry, and promote tolerance.”

– Don Harmon
President Pro Tempore,
Illinois State Senate

“I commend everyone gathered tonight in celebration of CAIR’s commitment to a better tomorrow for everyone.”

– Mattie Hunter
Majority Caucus Whip,
Illinois State Senate

“You live out values that you share with people of goodwill throughout Illinois.”

– Iris Y. Martinez
Majority Caucus Whip,
Illinois State Senate

“Congratulations on celebrating another year, and continued good luck over the next year as you strive to fulfill your goal of appreciating and respecting everyone’s ideas and voices throughout the State and world.”

– Jim Durkin
House Republican Leader

“Your tireless work on behalf of inclusion and civil rights are invaluable in a world with increasingly less barriers.”

– Louis Lang
Deputy Majority Leader

“The Chicago Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has impacted our area by acting against hatred and injustice, through your advocacy in the communities, school, government, and other organizations.”

– Ed Sullivan
Assistant Republican Leader

“Your organization has been a steadfast leader in promoting peace and understanding.”

– Al Riley
Assistant Majority Leader

“This City of Chicago is unique in its wonderfully vibrant and diverse population and CAIR members continue to teach us all to embrace this diversity.”
– Pamela J. Althoff
State Senator
32nd District


“I appreciate your willingness to foster open lines of communication between different cultures and religions.”
– Jason A. Barickman
State Senator
53rd District


“There are times when great challenges arise because of the differences between us, whether they are based on race, religion or creed. But organizations like CAIR-Chicago that embrace and strive for diversity instead of sameness enrich the lives of those for whom they advocate and the rest of the community as well.”
– Daniel Biss
State Senator
9th District


“I appreciate seeing organizations encourage their members to participate in advocacy on a regular basis.”
– Bill Brady
State Senator
44th District


“As diversity nourishes and strengthens us, you preserve an infinite hope that Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. voiced, “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality … I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.””
– Jacqueline Y. Collins
State Senator
16th District


“Organizations such as yours pursue noble careers, not for their own personal gain, but rather to allow members of the larger community to benefit from the vast array of personal freedoms that the United State of American grants to its citizens.”
– William Delgado
State Senator
2nd District


“CAIR-Chicago’s commitment to seek to strengthen relationships with the media while building coalitions with various minority communities has proven to be valuable to Muslims and non Muslim minorities within those communities.”
– Napoleon B. Harris III
State Senator
15th District


“CAIR-Chicago has been influential in helping the Muslim community here in Illinois and I would like everyone to know that I stand ready to help move this organization forward in any way that I am able.”
– Toi W. Hutchinson
State Senator
40th District


“I am confident that CAIR-Chicago will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of Illinoisans for years to come.”
– Dan Kotowski
State Senator
28th District


“Through religion, sports, culture, the professions, and business, Muslim Americans add much to the area I am honored to represent.”
– Pat McGuire
State Senator
43rd District


“Your message of tolerance and communication has enriched the Chicagoland community and the entire state of Illinois.”
– Julie A. Morrison
State Senator
29th District


“I am honored to congratulate CAIR-Chicago and again offer my support to your good work in all of communities being leading advocates for justice and mutual understand.”
– Michael Noland
State Senator
22nd District


“As Americans react to incidents of terrorism and racism, as we reflect on the values of free speech and the freedom to worship and as we continue to debate the role of immigrants in our society, we can always look to CAIR to take a balanced and steadfast stand.”
– Kwame Raoul
State Senator
13th District


“CAIR-Chicago’s work reminds us that society should never tolerate discrimination.”
– Heather A. Steans
State Senator
7th District


“This year’s theme of “Impact: Advocacy that Matters” aims to go beyond feelings of sincerity and good will and to generate measurable actions that are effective against hatred and injustice, and I am honored to be able to take part.”
– John C. D’Amico
State Representative
15th district


“By collaboratively working with government, businesses, schools, public offices, and religious organizations, CAIR has also positively impacted the fight for civil and human rights and equality for all.”
– Ken Dunkin
State Representative
5th District


“CAIR-Chicago is the role model that we should all aspire to embody and support.”
– Mary E. Flowers
State Representative
31st District


“This should remind us that while positive rhetoric is important, actual change – change that leads to less bigotry and more tolerance – is even more important.”
– La Shawn K. Ford
State Representative
8th District


“It is not enough to merely recognize the challenges that we face. We have to turn these sentiments into measurable action to combat hatred and injustice and promote civil and human rights.”
– Robyn Gabel
State Representative
18th District


“Thank you for your continued fight in our nation’s quest to ensure civil and human rights for all and for helping usher in a future that will help our communities come together to respect and appreciates one another’s ideas, voices and experiences both here and throughout the world.”
– Gregory S. Harris
State Representative
13th District


“Every resident of the community has something to gain from working to prevent future violence through education about diverse cultures and religions.”
– Jay C. Hoffman
State Representative
113th District


“Your work to fight for the equal treatment and protection of all citizens is both admirable and necessary.”
– Robert Martwick
State Representative
19th District


“It is very important and crucial to the community that you work so hard to protect and defend the constitutional rights of American Muslims, thereby supporting the rights of all Americans.”
– Christian L. Mitchell
State Representative
26th District


“The impact you have had on the greater Chicagoland area is immeasurable, from promoting acceptance to denouncing hateful political rhetoric, CAIR-Chicago is a leader in ensuring civil and human rights for all.”
– Michelle Mussman
State Representative
56th District