MEDIA DIGEST: CAIR-Chicago Press Conference on Recent Illinois Hate Crimes

CAIR-Chicago held a press conference Friday to address recent hate incidents targeting Illinois Muslims. Incidents included threats to kill Arab-American Muslim high school students, a threat sent to mosque, and a threatening call to CAIR-Chicago.

ABC 7: Eyewitness News
CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab stated on ABC 7, “Don’t do it. Don’t generalize. Don’t lash out at individuals thinking that they are part of the same enemy that you are watching on television.”

NBC 5 News
NBC 5 reported, “We’re learning more about the death threats made against Arabs and Muslims at an Orland Park school. Officials found hateful graffiti on the walls of Sandburg High School, but the Council on American Islamic Relations says this is only the latest incident in a string of attacks.”

WGN News
“One theory is that it’s related to the coverage in the news of ISIS, and how that has riled up certain individuals to be vigilante Joes or to generalize about Muslims and retaliate against innocent Muslims that have nothing to do this,” said CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab on WGN News.

Fox 32 Chicago
“Death threats at a suburban high school; investigators are calling it a hate crime. Threatening graffiti found in a boy’s bathroom at Carl Sandburg high school in Orland Park. A parent who spoke at a press conference today says she and other parents were not immediately notified about the threat,” reported Fox 32.

WBBM: CBS 2 News
CBS 2 News reported, “A Muslim rights group warnings about a series of hate incidents in the past few weeks. The first involved anti-Islamic graffiti written in a boy’s bathroom in Orland Park. The Council on American Islamic Relations says the school did not go on lockdown or notify parents after the incident.”

CLTV: ChicagoLand News
“A local Muslim group says they’ve seen threats at a south suburban school. They talked about seeing more threats and harassment since the savagery of ISIS began finding its way into headlines,” reported ChicagoLand News.

Chicago Tribune: Islamic group rips District 230 response to graffiti threats
“At a news conference Friday, Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR’s Chicago chapter, criticized the district for not immediately putting the school on lockdown once the graffiti was discovered and said parents weren’t notified quickly enough about the incident,” wrote Mike Nolan for the Chicago Tribune.

Report any suspicious activity or individuals to the local police (dial 911), and to the mosque or organization. Report any social media threats (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Email), voicemails, text messages, website attacks/hacks, phone calls, verbal threats, physical threats to the police.

Follow up with CAIR-Chicago after making any reports to the police so we can document and ensure threats are being investigated.

Read more information about reporting hate crimes here.