Dep. Dir. Sufyan Sohel Speaks at GlobeMed Summit

Deputy Director Sufyan Sohel presented at the Annual GlobeMed Summit last Friday, March 27. GlobeMed is a national non-profit that harnesses the passion and resources of college students to improve health around the world. This year’s summit theme, “Facing Injustice: Partnerting for Systemic Change”, brought over 250 students from around the country together to discuss and question their role in the fight for an equitable world. Students engaged with issues of race, religion and social justice, discussed on how to advocate for systemic change and learned that every person, no matter their major, profession or career path, has a role to play towards creating an unbiased society.

Sohel, amongst other social activists, spoke on the role of society and media in perpetuating racial and religious injustices, the hijacking of faith and culture by extremism and the strength in the voice and action of students in creating positive change. For more information on GlobeMed please visit their website.