Happy Malcolm X Day Illinois!

Last Tuesday, the State of Illinois decreed that May 19th will henceforth be known as “Malcom X Day.” The new holiday falls on the birthday of its namesake.

It will be geared towards community service and social justice.

These tenants are fitting considering the life and works of Malcom X. As an undeniably influential leader, he urged the nation towards respect and dignity for all, regardless of race or religion. Malcom X fought for the rights of those who faced prejudice from their own country. Half a century later, we continue that fight, while honoring those who fought before us.

CAIR-Chicago applauds the efforts of Illinois State Senator Jackie Collins and all those that helped push this resolution through legislation. The resolution was passed unanimously by the Illinois Senate, making Illinois the first state to have an official Malcom X Day.

CAIR-Chicago would like to congratulate everyone involved, and express our hope that May 19th will bring an increase in justice and inclusion for years to come.

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