Farewell & Thanks to Kevin Vodak

After 7 years of invaluable service our Litigation Director, Kevin Vodak, will leave the CAIR-Chicago family on Friday. He will be truly missed but the office is proud that Kevin will be continuing his career as an Administrative Law Judge and is excited to see the bright and accomplished future ahead of him.

As Litigation Director, Kevin analyzed all of the complaints received in the Civil Rights Department and determined the best strategy for reaching the most successful resolutions, as well as worked to strengthen policies in the public and private sectors to combat Islamophobia.

Kevin Vodak has left a mark on the legacy of Muslim civil rights advocacy in America, having become the first in house full-time litigator at a Muslim civil rights organization to win a major jury award,” said Executive Director Ahmed Rehab.

Kevin has a Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from North Central College. Prior to joining CAIR-Chicago in July 2008, Kevin dedicated his legal career to protecting individuals’ civil rights by working in small law firms for 8 years, gaining extensive experience in litigating employment discrimination matters. Outside of his work in private law firms, Kevin has been committed to working with the National Lawyers Guild, the only bar association which has the primary goal of valuing human rights over property interests.

With the deepest gratitude, we, CAIR-Chicago and the entire Muslim community, thank Kevin Vodak for his dedicated service and wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors.