CAIR-Chicago Presents to Westwood College about Muslim Community

Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson presented to an intercultural relations communications class from Westwood College, which had its second office visit Thursday, June 11.

Hankerson outlined the many cultural and sociopolitical dynamics within the Muslim American community,  and how CAIR-Chicago advocated on its behalf against discrimination. The presentation focused on the faith group’s demographic profile, key civil rights issues surrounding misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, and efforts to ensure that Muslim community members are fully engaged in American society.

Learning key cases advocated by CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Department, Westwood students inquired and spoke candidly about the current landscape for Muslims to be perceived as a collective threat in Chicagoland and the country.  Hankerson also shared his personal journey in becoming Muslim and how his experience shaped his outlook on intercultural communications, particularly interfaith engagement.