Help CAIR Celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month

CAIR-Chicago encourages the community to participate in Immigrant Heritage Month throughout the month of June. This year Immigrant Heritage Month is sponsored in part by CAIR National.

As a nation marked by its ability to foster individual growth and personal success, the United States prescribes “The American Dream” for anyone hoping to make it in the modern world. However, this dream of triumph has taken many identities since our nation’s birth. Millions of individuals traveling across the world in hopes for a better life has become a story that is well known, and a story that is seldom forgotten.

This June, Immigrant Heritage Month tributes those individuals who left familiarity, friends, and family behind, all while aspiring for the life our country promises. In the month of June, IMH has organized dozens of events nationwide which celebrate the founding groups of our modern melting pot. To get involved, you can visit by clicking here. There, you can find a local event near you on the calendar provided. If you can’t attend an event, you can submit your American story on IMH’s website, or even post your story on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, using the hashtags #ImmigrantHeritageMonth, or #IHM2015. Stay connected even after June by signing up for updates from IHM, or submitting content to the blog. By sharing your story, you’ve fostered an appreciation for the very basis of our country’s growth: its ability to integrate even amongst the greatest of differences.