CAIR-Chicago Demands IL Services Stay Funded

Protestors gathered in front of the James R. Thompson Center to demand an end to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed budget cuts and tax breaks for the wealthy.

July 1 marks the beginning of the 2016 fiscal year for Illinois, but the government branches are at a stalemate. While Gov. Rauner is pressing for budget cuts that will severely impact lower socioeconomic communities, Democratic leaders demand increasing taxes on the wealthy and lessening the number of budget cuts.

Numerous individuals and communities are concerned about the loss of state funding for social services they rely on for survival. The protest at the Thompson Center is one of many demonstrations held and attended by the affected communities and supporters.

There is currently still no proposed budget for next year, except for the education budget bill Gov. Rauner signed. The Illinois legislature is working towards a temporary one-month state spending plan while negotiations between representatives and Gov. Rauner continue.

The Illinois House is putting the temporary budget to vote today again today. Last week, a similar bill did not pass because of no support from Republican representatives and the absence of four Democratic representatives. In order for this budget bill to pass, all 71 Democratic representatives need to be present and vote in favor.

Unless the stalemate is broken, the lack of a proposed budget will further drive Illinois to financial crisis and government shutdown.