Happy Fourth of July from CAIR-Chicago!

CAIR-Chicago would like to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! As the festivities wind down from a fun-filled weekend, it’s important to remember what Independence Day truly means to us.

America was created upon the principles of equality and justice, and the Founding Fathers believed in giving opportunities and preserving liberty for each and every American. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Under the law of nature, all men are born free, everyone comes into the world with a right . . . called personal liberty . . .” Most of all, the Founding Fathers – particularly Thomas Jefferson – made a personal effort to expand their knowledge on different cultures and religions.

CAIR-Chicago prides itself in defending civil rights and fighting against bigotry, and has worked tirelessly to uphold the beliefs of our Founding Fathers. Just as our Founding Fathers advocated for liberty for all, CAIR-Chicago believes everyone deserves the right to practice their religion in a safe and tolerant environment. Whether it’s fighting work discrimination or inviting religious leaders from different faiths, CAIR-Chicago refuses to back down from these issues.

As a leader in defending civil rights for American Muslims, CAIR-Chicago pushes for equality and justice day in and day out. By taking American ideologies and values, CAIR-Chicago continues to protect our fundamental rights in ways the Founding Fathers would have.