CAIR-Chicago Welcomes Halal Guys

This Saturday, August 22, will see the much-anticipated opening of the first Halal Guys restaurant in Chicago. The restaurant chain, based in Manhattan, is said to be opening five locations in the Chicago area and CAIR-Chicago is excited to welcome them to the city’s vibrant food scene.

As its name suggests Halal Guys food is certified halal and a halal certificate will be clearly visible on the premises of the restaurant. The venue will feature popular Mediterranean cuisine including halal gyros and chicken/lamb rice platters.

“Good food is one of the best ambassadors a culture can have,” said Sufyan Sohel, CAIR-Chicago Deputy Director, who attended a preview night at the new location on Wednesday. “Many Americans simply don’t understand what it means to eat halal and the practice is often demonized online by uninformed Islamophobes. What better way to inform people than by sharing a meal? It may seem trivial but food can come a long way in bridging cultures. No one thinks twice about kosher pickles.”

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