CAIR-Chicago Advises French Anti-Discrimination Group

French non-profit, Les Zégaux, consulted with CAIR-Chicago to learn from our experience fighting discrimination and how it could help them achieve similar goals in France.

Les Zégaux was founded by Floréal Sotto and Nora El Massioui as an organization to foster engagement and confront the issue of discrimination in France. Its many initiatives have worked towards finding an approach to fighting discrimination and promoting equality.

The organization was created out of a necessity for more rigorous and innovative anti-discrimination methodologies. They undertake studies to further the pedagogy and communicate their findings to the employment, education, leisure, health, and housing sectors.

After receiving a grant, they spent several weeks traveling around the United States meeting with organization, hoping to learn from American organizations strategies that they could adapt to work in France. CAIR-Chicago was proud to welcome them to Illinois and looks forward to maintaining the relationship as the migrant crisis in Europe continues to worsen.