RT: #IstandwithAhmed breaks internet: Millions on clock watch for 9th grader detained for device

#IStandWithAhmed became the number one trending hashtag worldwide on Twitter after 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was handcuffed and arrested for taking a homemade clock to his Texas high school.

Ahmed, a ninth grader from Irving, Texas, was eager to impress his teachers with his newest creation – a clock that he invented in just 20 minutes, consisting of a circuit board and a power supply wired to a digital display. The clock and its wiring were all strapped inside a case.

However, his excitement turned to fear when he was pulled out of class by the principal and arrested after the clock’s alarm went off during his English period.

“It looks like a bomb,” his teacher told him. The boy was taken to a juvenile detention center and questioned by police before being released to his parents.

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It was not until two days later that police announced they would not charge the teen for creating a “hoax bomb.” Instead, they dropped the case.

Between Ahmed’s arrest and the announcement that he would not face charges, social media exploded with tweets ranging from funny to supportive. All used the #IStandWithAhmed hashtag.

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