Local Filmmakers Dig Into Surveillance

The Feeling of Being Watched is the first documentary film to tell the story of the War on Terror from the perspective inside an Arab-American neighborhood.

Since the early 90’s people in Bridgeview, IL have stayed quiet about their deep suspicions of living under government surveillance, and no one has ever dug into why the surveillance may have begun. Until now.

This film brings to light an under-represented human story and follows the filmmakers as they investigate what really happened, and may still be happening, in Bridgeview.

Last year CAIR-Chicago hosted a short preview of the film at its downtown Azima Center followed by a riveting discussion lead by award winning freelance journalist, Assia Boundaoui and her co-director Alexe Bushe.

To learn more about the film and support its creation visit beingwatched.squarespace.com or view the Kickstarter campaign here.