Editorial Cartooning Internship, Apply Now!

The mark of a great illustrator is not only to create compelling visuals but to use the medium to express ideas and commentary from observations of world happenings. From Chris Ware to Dr. Seuss successful illustrators must display strong critical thinking skills through their portfolio of work.

Through this unique internship a student will learn to observe the news cycle, media happenings, and world events with a critical eye. Under the supervision of the Chicago Monitor’s Assistant Editor, the participant will develop and publish a weekly editorial cartoon for The Chicago Monitor. The internship offers a platform for students to develop a unique and valuable series for their portfolio, build professional experience, learn how to work within deadlines, and have illustrations published in a certified Google news publication.

To apply please send a cover letter, resume, and portfolio to rlarson@cair.com. Applicants must also provide at least two references familiar with your artistic workflow.


  • A compelling visual portfolio (no preferred style or medium)
  • Strong work ethic and the ability to work on a deadline
  • An ability to articulate critical perspectives about current events
  • Understanding of the roll Political/editorial cartoons play in social commentary
  • Strong ability to workshop multiple ideas then develop well thought out final concepts
  • Working knowledge of local, federal, and international politics and culture
  • Desire to learn


  • Basic understanding and ability to post content to WordPress
  • Basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop and image formatting
  • Previous experience in publishing and professional illustration

Additional Details:

The internship requires the participant to work out of the CAIR-Chicago offices for a minimum of 12 hours a week for a minimum of 12 weeks.

We are now hiring interns for the Winter/Spring 2015 session! Apply now; gain skills for a lifetime!

The internship is unpaid however credit may be possible if approved by the student’s college or university.

The Chicago Monitor is an online news, opinion, and commentary publication. It serves primarily to provide in-depth analysis of mainstream news and also uncover under-reported and unreported stories on the local, national, and international level.

For questions about this internship please contact Renner Larson at CAIR-Chicago, rlarson@cair.com or (312) 212-1520